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“79% of children felt calm after
listening to Mind n Me“

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Empower your child’s well-being in just 5 minutes

This Mindfulness Children’s Book includes:

  • How to equip your children with tools for managing anxiety

  • Discover effective strategies for boosting self-esteem

  • How to eliminate doubt and improve confidence & resilience

Children’s Well-being​

Children are faced with daily struggles that profoundly affect their mental health, emotional balance, and overall well-being.

Limited emotional regulation and coping skills can hinder a child’s development, growth and happiness, impacting their ability to navigate life’s challenges

To help your child, access Mind n Me today and practice mindfulness exercises designed to boost their self-awareness and coping abilities, fostering
better development and happiness.


Designed for Children

Mind n Me’s tailored approach ensures that your children receive holistic support for their cognitive, emotional, and social development throughout the day.

Time Options

You have the convenience of choosing mindfulness tracks that align with your available time slots, making it easier to integrate mindfulness practices into your busy lives without feeling overwhelmed or pressured.

Variety of

Mind n Me ensures that you can find options suited to your individual needs and preferences, promoting health, happiness and maximizing engagement.


“My children love listening to Mind n Me experiences.
They get to choose their favorite track each day, and I love how many time options their are to choose from.”

Oneesa Cahill

Oneesa Cahill

“I use Mind n Me in my classroom and my students love it! I use it
first thing in the morning before we start our lessons, and I see such an
improvement in their engagement.”

Claire Heylin

Claire Heylin

“The free e-book was fantastic. it’s child friendly and my little ones love the stories too. The breathing
exercises are short and easy to follow”

Niamh Dillon

Niamh Dillon


  • Designed specifically for child development

  • Offers a variety of timing options

  • Tailored to fit int a child’s daily routine

  • Calming exercises for emotional regulation

  • Meditations and mindfulness practices

  • Enhances focus and concentration

  • Boosts confidence and self-esteem

  • Provides positive affirmations

  • Promotes resilience

  • Supports rest and repair

  • Aligned with educational frameworks

  • Accessible for all abilities

  • Over 90 audio tracks to choose from

  • Available for both school and home use



How can I access free Mind n Me resources?
Your free Mind n Me resources will be sent to your email


What ages group is Mind n Me suitable for?
Mind n Me was designed specifically for primary aged children, ages 4-12. However, it can be offered to younger and older, depending on their own preferences.


Can I use Mind n Me on my phone?
Yes, you can easily access Mind n Me either on your phone, laptop, ipad & desktop.

Can I trial it for free?
Yes, there’s a selection of free samples on Mind n Me, and, the first month is completely free.

Can I cancel anytime?
Yes, you can cancel anytime, with no additional cost.

Are there any hidden fees?
Nope, absolutely none.

Claim your free e-book NOW!

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