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Mindfulness Techniques for Healthy, Happy Children

Making a positive difference in children’s lives and equipping their
young bright minds with well-being tools that will last a lifetime

Cultivate Social and Emotional Learning Skills

Our comprehensive well-being and learning resources are completely children focussed and have been specifically designed to integrate seamlessly into their day, without causing any distractions and disruptions. Just how you like it!


mental wellbeing mind n me


Allow this morning meditation to put a smile on your day.

emotional wellbing mind n me


What are you thankful for today?

intellectual wellbeing mind n me


Reflecting can help you appreciate and value all the work you’ve done today

Mind n Me encourages children to take ownership of their mental health and well-being, equipping them with the necessary tools that will become habits over time.



Click gain access to begin and select your well-being plan with activities suitable for morning, midday, and afternoon, with different durations available.


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Enjoy improved states of well-being with unlimited access to over 90 activities which include meditations, mindfulness, breathwork, emotional regulation exercises, focus and intentional learning techniques.

Well-being practises can be implemented at home and in school, so children can excel and exude confidence. Book access to our comprehensive online resources today.


Morning Well-being

Start the day the right way by practising various well-being techniques in the morning which include meditation, mindfulness, and intentional learning exercises.


Midday Well-being

Midday wellbeing practises can be undertaken before or after lunch, using a range of techniques to assess how the day is going, and identifying any difficulties or celebrate successes.


Afternoon Well-being

Afternoon is the perfect time for a mindful check-in. With exercises in grounding, gratitude and reflection, children will feel heard and optimistic about what tomorrow has to bring.


Gain Access

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We have compiled a comprehensive variety of other online resources that will help you and your little ones get started on the road to improved well-being.


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Why Choose Mind n Me?

1 in 3 young people are likely to experience symptoms of mental illness by the time they reach 13 years of age. Let us encourage and educate children about mental health, equipping them with techniques to support and nurture their own well-being as they develop into adulthood.

Studies have shown repeatedly that students who have a high level of well-being tend to have better cognitive outcomes in school, which is why promoting a healthy relationship between children and their mental health is directly linked to academic success.

Mind n me provides helpful tools, which can be categorised under different aspects of well-being, offering a wide range of emotional, mental and intellectual benefits.

These tools will encourage children to engage in proven methods to increase their overall wellbeing. Mind n Me aims to equip children to deal with different emotive states such as sadness, stress, anger, and anxiety, and provide them with a skill-set they can take into adolescent and adulthood.

Schools and parents now prioritize their children’s well-being as they collectively work towards building a healthy future. By practicing self-care, engaging in relaxation techniques, and nurturing positive relationships, children can develop resilience and emotional intelligence. This empowers them to navigate challenges with confidence, fostering a sense of control and reducing anxiety's impact. Prioritising well-being at a young age sets the stage for lifelong mental and emotional health, enabling them to embrace life's uncertainties with a balanced perspective.

Children's well-being taught by professionals.

Gain access to our comprehensive wellbeing library of activities now.


Oisín McWeeney

Social and Emotional Learning Specialist

Oisín McWeeney is a curriculum specialist with a deep interest in student’s health and well-being. His qualifications include a professional diploma in education, a bachelor’s degree in physical education and health studies, and a diploma in counselling.


Oisín is a big advocate for mental health awareness in schools, especially amongst students in primary school. He is passionate about educating school communities on the importance of early prevention, implementing effective methodologies, and supporting overall student well-being.


Oisín aspires to support schools in becoming nurturing grounds for both health and learning, which is why he encourages them to coincide with one another. He is also a qualified yoga teacher and meditation coach, facilitating classes, workshops, and wellness retreats.


As an expert in the field with years of applied experience, and much trial and error, Oisín realised that the most effective method of reiterating well-being to children was to undertake simple exercises little and often; with different techniques being appropriated and practised by the children at different times of the school day. These exercises are subdivided into caring for the students mental, emotional, and intellectual well-being states. Offering a variety of experiences and durations, meaning that the teacher has access to whichever resource is most needed at the time.

Oisin McWeeney
  • What is well-being?
    Well-being is a combination of a person's physical, mental, emotional and social health factors. Wellbeing is linked to happiness and life satisfaction. It can be described as how you feel about yourself and your life.
  • How can my school support children's mental health?
    Schools can prioritise mental health by implementing programs and practises which encourage and empowers each child to take ownership of their mental, emotional, and intellectual well-being through a series of practises that will eventually become subconscious habitual practise over time.
  • What type of practices are included in the Mind n Me online resource?
    There is a wide variety of breathwork, meditation, mindfulness, emotional regulation, focus and concentration and intentional learning exercises available in this online wellness library. All experiences range different in durations and are suitable for various ages throughout primary school.
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