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Want to learn more about mindfulness, meditation, breathwork and well-being? Have a look at these awesome resources to help you implement health and well-being at school and at home.

Social and Emotional Learning in Schools

Choose from our selection of adult-read children’s books below. Each book takes children on a journey of mindfulness and self-discovery. Invite your little ones to join a brave little panda bear called ‘Pandy’ as they embark on an exciting journey to discover health and happiness.


Join Pandy, the lovable panda, on a series of captivating adventures that span across colorful
landscapes and serene settings. As caregivers read aloud, children will be captivated by Pandy's
charming journey’s that are filled with valuable life lessons for health and well-being.


The Mindful Adventure of Pandy

Discovering the Magic of Mindfulness: A Journey to Inner Peace and happiness for Kids

The Breathful Tales of Pandy

Nurturing Calm, Focus and Presence with Mindful Breathing Techniques

Pandy Drifts off to Dreamland

A Guide to Bedtime Meditation and Lullabies for Peaceful Sleep

Well-being in Schools

In case you wanted to learn more about wellness and how it can be implemented seamlessly into the school day, have a look at these articles for more info.

Wellness in time squeezed day
Wellbeing in Ed image
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Wellbeing in Ed image
  • What is well-being?
    Well-being is a combination of a person's physical, mental, emotional and social health factors. Wellbeing is linked to happiness and life satisfaction. It can be described as how you feel about yourself and your life.
  • How can my school support children's mental health?
    Schools can prioritise mental health by implementing programs and practises which encourage and empowers each child to take ownership of their mental, emotional, and intellectual well-being through a series of practises that will eventually become subconscious habitual practise over time.
  • What type of practices are included in the Mind n Me online resource?
    There is a wide variety of breathwork, meditation, mindfulness, emotional regulation, focus and concentration and intentional learning exercises available in this online wellness library. All experiences range different in durations and are suitable for various ages throughout primary school.
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