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Afternoon Well-being

Calm reflection is key to children’s well-being, and is an important tool for holistic development. Gain access to our well-being hub with Mind n Me.

Introduce children to a variety of calming experiences that will aid in rest, repair, and rejuvenation, leaving them with a clear and blissful mind to conclude their day.

By incorporating these calming experiences into your afternoons, you provide them with a precious opportunity to reduce stress and reset their nervous system. As they learn to unwind and de-stress, they'll finish their day with a clear and happy mind, ready to take on new challenges for the next day.

A peaceful and relaxed mind is the key to unlocking their full potential!



emotional wellbing mind n me


intellectual wellbeing mind n me

Our bespoke afternoon well-being activities consist of an array of meditations, mindfulness exercises, breathing exercises, body scans and guided imagery techniques which will encourage children to stop, reflect and assess.

Stop, assess, and reflect on your day. Gain access to our online well-being resource hub today.

Afternoon Well-being Exercises

Try out Mind n Me’s top three activities for FREE. Click on a button below!

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A short moment to become

friends with silence

emotional wellbing mind n me white


This practise helps you to feel present in the here and now

intellectual wellbeing mind n me


Reflecting can help you appreciate and value all the work you’ve done today

  • What is well-being?
    Well-being is a combination of a person's physical, mental, emotional and social health factors. Wellbeing is linked to happiness and life satisfaction. It can be described as how you feel about yourself and your life.
  • How can my school support children's mental health?
    Schools can prioritise mental health by implementing programs and practises which encourage and empowers each child to take ownership of their mental, emotional, and intellectual well-being through a series of practises that will eventually become subconscious habitual practise over time.
  • What type of practices are included in the Mind n Me online resource?
    There is a wide variety of breathwork, meditation, mindfulness, emotional regulation, focus and concentration and intentional learning exercises available in this online wellness library. All experiences range different in durations and are suitable for various ages throughout primary school.
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